1. Singing along with the intro at the oohohhohhhohhoh part, somehow made me realised that was the exactr reason why i failed the choir auditions *-*

  2. Haha.. He IS there… you just didn’t see him!! No one does… poor Mattie!!! XD

  3. The picture of Switzy on the ground facepalming and laughing has stuck in my head asince I watched this…I wonder why it sticks…?

    Love the video!

  4. Who agrees that they should have another season of Hetalia, but in World cup form? 😀

  5. Im not a big soccer fan but I do know I looked as I heared Holland was in the finals <3 =D

  6. 2:19 Omaigod. Australia for the win.
    You know, at the end of this video, I died from a nosebleed.

  7. fifa paied for spain to win all teams that faced spain was cheated apart from switzerland becuase they know where there money is lol

    cute video missed out many countries though

  8. con el uniforme de japon ya me imagino a los Inazuma Japan (de inazuma eleven) jugando y ganandoles a todos xD

  9. My mom called me a betrayer for cheering for any team except for Mexico, i was just cheering my favorite Hetalia characters while my mom was cheering for Mexico. Psh, my mom even got more mad at me for crying when Spain won.

  10. I really like it, yaoi on the field? Really? u_u The people who draw hetalia characters gettin all yaoi out there are just… ugh.
    But I still like. I loved watching the world cup last year and I love hetalia.. ;D

  11. This gives me nostalgia…
    Yet I haven’t paid much attention to watching Fifa World Cup…
    I await watching the next World Cup eagerly! 😀

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