Guardiola wants B team

Pep Guardiola has stated that the Premier League is affecting the development of English players and that they need to make changes if they want the England team to improve.
He believes that the Premier League clubs should be allowed to play their second team in the lower leagues of English football as this will encourage the development of new players. This is a concept that is already in place in various European leagues.

Pep Guardiola said that this is what is done in Spain and this encouraged the development of players. He said that in England you have the reserve league, but there are no spectators. He said that the young players do not play under any kind of pressure and this is hindering their development.

For him, this is the main reason why young English players fail when they come to a big club such as Manchester City, and he said that he wants this to change.

Pep Guardiola believes that the younger players would have benefited a lot from playing against a team such as Newcastle United in the Championship. The players would have played in a competitive game and would have learned how to play under pressure. Read More

Roy Hodgson is considering bringing back John Terry

Roy Hodgson has recently talked about the possibility of luring John Terry into the English national football team as the head manager wants to reinforce the defensive section of the national squad and he is viewing the already retired John Terry as a possible option.

“There are, in my opinion, no left-sided centre-backs who are English playing in the league who are at least at the level of the ones we are choosing and that’s a fact of life and there’s not much we can do about it’’

“The point that we haven’t got the left-sided one is quite right, but there is nothing I can do about that unless suddenly in the next five weeks some brilliant English left-sided centre-back appears on the scene and I don’t anticipate that. I had a long chat with John the other day; he’s a very nice guy. But because he retired so long ago, he retired four years ago. He doesn’t feature in my thinking too often.But I can’t deny that is a valid point.’’ England’s Roy Hodgson said. Read More

England finished 2014 with 6 consecutive Wins

England concluded 2014 with six consecutive victories after a 3-1 win over Slovenia, who were seen as the major contenders for the top spot in the group. Danny Welbeck continued his impeccable form for England after scoring two more goals.

Thus, he managed to outshine Wayne Rooney, who opened the scoring against the Slovenians in the second half with a penalty. Since moving to Arsenal in the summer, Welbeck has been playing in his preferred central position. Even though he has not been prolific for the gunners, his form with England has been very good. The 24-year-old took his England tally to 13 goals in 32 international matches. Read More