1. Americans suck at soccer period now i’m Brazilian and we are awesome but i have to admit so is Barcelona and Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not tryin to hate but its true

  2. english players dont dive, premiership is the most physical league in the world, its that la liga lot who give it a bad name.

  3. @soflo23 K.M.R.I.A., I love America; however the queen of england can suck on my balls…true Americans support a united and free Ireland, go home Brits.

  4. god bless america, and god save the queen. closest of family. when soccer (football) is all said and done, our men and women are putting their arse on the line for our way of life. god bless the british empire (canada, austrailia, US, new zealand). and thats comin from a red white and blue yankee moutha fucka!!! bwaaa!!

  5. @abrilnazaretable really! thanks. I didn’t watched it. No one really expected the outcome of the game.

  6. DAMN i remember wen iwas in class watchin this im a MEXICO fan but i was cheerin for USA…USA USA

  7. @Bowhayz No actually the USA beat England, because USA came first in the group, and england came second. So USA did beat England.

  8. @imaplaystationfanboy , yeah, but seriously, diving ruins the game! and yeah, i agree, it should not be called football, but seriously, that does not mean you have to bitch about it every moment of every day!

  9. America cant big themselves up with Football they play more basketball & the rugby kind of football where you pronounce it FOOOTBAULL!!!! , whereas football is like a religion over here
    (ENGLAND) 🙂

  10. @CashSmeller they do it for money, have you watched rugby? that’s more like your version of football which should be call handball or something.

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