England still need to improve

England’s last 2 international matches has seen the team of Roy Hodgson claiming victories over Norway and Switzerland but even with this string of triumphs, the English squad has a lot more to do if they want to forget about their disastrous 2014 World Cup campaign.

Their victory against Norway was especially underachieving as the final scoreboard displayed 1-0 with the only goal of the entire match arriving from a penalty kick of Wayne Rooney. England certainly won the match but there still was signs of players that still have not been able to perform at the level that is requested by fans.

The head coach of Queens Park Rangers, Harry Redknapp is the latest football figure to express his opinion about what is going on regarding the English team as he said that the players of the squad simply do not care about what happens at the international stage.

Harry Redknapp said: ’’It is disappointment after disappointment. Half the players don’t give a toss. The fans can’t be bothered to watch them. Managers of the Premier League clubs take an interest just to see if their players are going to come back injured from international duty.

‘I don’t blame the supporters for not being interested in England at the moment. Why should they be?

‘’We were told this is the start of a new era. Trust me, I hope so, I really do, but I’m not holding my breath because it will only get harder for England with the way things are in club football. And what possible value is there in a total non-event against the worst Norway team we have seen for years when the supporters are still sore from the World Cup shambles?’’

UEFA recently revealed that Wembley was going to be serving as the host for the semi-finals and the finals of the 2020 Euro’s.

England will have the chance to perform in front of their own fans at their home soil and this will certainly excite supporters who are still waiting for players of England to stand up and live up to all the expectations that is being demanded.