1. Hey… you know what’s so great about these games?

  2. @slayerboy12 when did you get into this dumbass? god, i hate when random people just into conversations. alright motherfucker..

  3. lol, yes you can.
    Just start a tournament with 32 countries, play in group and knock out and voila. You got a world cup. JUST THE FUCKING SAME.

  4. Would anyone think i’m making the right choice by swapping fifa 10 for the world cup game for £8? I’ve had fifa 10 since december and it’s 2 months until fifa 11 comes out and i don’t want to risk another month waiting for the price of the world cup game to go down as the value of fifa 10 may be reduced even further. I also think the world cup game is a better game to have in the long run as a new version only comes out every 4 years.

  5. Lets get this strait, FIFA 10 has all International teams and many of the Clubs, FIFA World Cup has all of the international teams and 23 Man Squad, the graphics and game play are the same (both made by EA), 2010 world cup is just the world cup edition of FIFA 10. In my opinion, FIFA World Cup is better for now.

  6. Damn Fifa world cup is better guess imma go out to buy it now thanks for posting this was trying to find this FOREVER

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  8. I don’t have the money to get both, so what one should I buy? I’m kinda of leaning towards FIFA 10.

  9. i got world cup, I’m sure fifa 10 is just as fun. It soooo intense get the game if you like soccer. I was playing USA against Spain and Spain scored 8 min into the game and i was like crap… then i score two within the 1st half so i tryed to hold out the 2nd half but they go into overdrive and score 1 on me (tied). then, Bocanegra makes an OWN goal so they up by 1. i was freakin out cuz regular time was done and i only had 4 virtual mins of extra time then USA did there thang and scored! Hahaha

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