1. (read this in british accent) you are a faggot, aren’t you. Just keep loving yourself by posting fifa videos online and jizzing in your pants everytime you score. Keep doing what you’re doing, faggot. Peace~

  2. @d1o2b3e4r5m6a7n yeah man you tell them…….when did England play Spain the world cup? If England played Spain the score would have been like this Spain 6 England 1

  3. @brammutje15 My name is Anthony Holland, Im from uk born in uk, im english and no relation to any dutch people although i have been to holland 4 times 😉

  4. @connorjoe4 world class or legendary, no point in playing other wise, oh or ranked matches of course online!! I think this was an online match

  5. how come the outfield england players are wearing outdated kits, but the keeper is wearing the up to date colours with the ‘new’ crest?? great video though, and an awesome comeback!!!!

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