1. you know ow when you play there is number for points you earn how do you spend those or wat are they for

  2. @mrcodexxx yeah its a great game fifa thru and thru, please sub more vids on the way pal

  3. this game rocks!! i wasted allready more then 30 hours on this and still like it!!

  4. nice video man, and now will celebrate with uruguay the best team in this world cup!

  5. @koolkoori i use a haapauge hd pvr which records in hd 720p then it is converted and sent to windows movie maker were i edit (untill i can afford sony vegas) Hope that helps very easy set up, check for the video on youtube

  6. how do u record these with such good quality????
    BTW Good Game. Bad Result. id rather Italy to win!!

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