1. @RelentlessSk8r111 lol noob ain’t a sneeze.
    Just the sound of opening the menu lawl..

  2. @alexcastaneda123 Well this is a PSP not a PS3Portable a PSP is a Portable PS2 thats why the graphics aren’t good as the PS3 one. You must don’t compare PS3 and PSP games since the PS3 is a rival of the 360 and the Wii and the rival of the PSP is the DS.

  3. haha lolled.
    it is same of fifa10 italy scores and he celebrate the same.
    Buy fifa10!!

  4. where can you buy this game I have tried best buy,target,walmart, and gamestop and I’m frustrated

  5. i have this game, i like it, but… this player is not very good at this match

  6. @RelentlessSk8r111 hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaahahhahahahahahahaha i think he did hahahhahahhaha hellla funny

  7. i think that ps3 is better than the psp graphics like for this game

  8. the graphics are real good wanted to buy it for ps2 but they never made it for it so im going to buy it for the psp

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