1. @shorefour dude don’t be comparing these sides with spain cause both of
    them are better than spain

  2. @italionsatllion haha u cant even dance in pes. Sad little pes fan who
    knows FIFA is better.

  3. @Aqselssonii : i had played fifa 08 once i am regretting palying that carp.
    Sorry to say i had watched fifa 11 gameplay videos in youtube and really i
    had to say they had not improved a little,so i will not miss it as long as
    i had my pes DVD with me kid.

  4. @italionsatllion I have played PES. I played one game, then i asked myself,
    why I play shit like this when i could play FIFA. Then i played FIFA and I
    was happy again. When i scored I celebrate like I wanted to.

  5. @Aqselssonii : i had now played FIFA 11 and played. It is nice but not as
    good as PES. PES rocks man

  6. @Aqselssonii PES is far better than FIFA son. You play then come to me. BTW
    you want play good football or you want to dance. If you want to dance then
    play dance revolution that will suit you more lad. hah aha ah

  7. @italionsatllion You have played FIFA 08 once? hmm.. FIFA 08 is like 3
    years old. You watched FIFA 11 gameplay? Oh my u are stupid. Its not the
    same if u watch gameplays than u actually play the game by urself. And FIFA
    08 is still 3 years old. Play FIFA 11 by URSELF. I bet u will love it.

  8. @beeje1309 I have a problem with my game, i bought the game second hand
    from a store but i can’t see the balance bar, when im playing a penalty is
    this a bug in my game or a option that i have to activate.

  9. LOL i never see the players dance like that after a goal like the robot?

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