1. I don’t care what anybody says, the best moment of this entire World Cup
    was Grosso’s goal vs.Germany. 

  2. Nice cheating by Italy vs Australia. Dont know where italians would be
    without their pussy diving tactics.

  3. my favorite goal was grosso’s against Germany and then carlos tenorio
    against Poland

  4. This world cup had many of the best teams and players ever. this is the
    most talented world cup ever by far hands down!

  5. Damn it didn’t show the highlight of the tournament, the most famous
    headbutt by Zidane haha (yes i watched all 2 hours)!

  6. Italy: 4 World Cups, 1 Euro.
    France: 1 World Cup (in their home country), 1 Euro.

    Italy >>> France.

    Zidane? Dumbass for falling for Materazzi’s provocations.

  7. Germany didn’t have too many options in the midfield. The back up for
    ballack was borowisky. Odonkor was never a top player. Schneider was old in
    2006. People doesn’t realize that germany could have memeht scholl,
    sebastian deisler and jens nowotny. We lost against Italy, who had a
    horrible worldcup until the semis. However, i have to recognize that italy
    was great individually: del piero, totti, luca toni, gattuso, pirlo,
    canavarro, nesta, materazzi, buffon.

  8. the commentators in this video are all terrible! They pronounced 90% of the
    players’ names wrong!

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