1. 1:16
    Always the same: If they make mistakes, or just aren’t fast enough, they’ll
    raise their hands and do not keep on following the game.

  2. Wrong!
    Özils father has the german citizenship and he is living in Germany for
    almost his whole life.(he moved there when he was 2). Özil was born in
    Gelsenkirchen. Raised in Germany, speaks German, is playing for Geramy, so
    what do you want?
    I think the answer is quite simple: Mesut Özil is german :)

  3. germany has defnetly the strongest team at the 2014 world cup, spain is to
    old (and boring), and brasil has a lame team, neymar is just a kid with a
    ball !

  4. Klose, Podolski, Oezil and so on may not be purely German (ethnically),
    but they are playing German football. They were raised and skilled in
    Germany, so it is bullshit to say the Germans only win because of players
    from other nations. And then there are Müller, Schweinsteiger, Schürle and
    Neuer and many more who are German and count to the best in the world at
    their positions.

  5. yrah they will win once again (when Real Madrid will have won 15, AC Milan
    9, Barcelona 8, Bayern 6, ManU 5, and Dortmund 2 😉 (a bit ironic, but
    partly true)

  6. actually it’s Cacau, he’s originally brazil but he plays for vfb stuttgart
    and he said he feels like a german after having been here for a long time
    but I don’t really get ur point, do u like it or not?

  7. Age isn’t everything, one of Germany’s best player’s is Klose. Thank god
    he’s going to the next World Cup, absolute brilliant player.

  8. Hey* Chelsea* your* last* comma after Chelsea* Anyway, it won’t be the last

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