1. @ASSHOKILLA Brazil possibly. Italy, unless they regain their stardom from 2006 in Brazil, heck New Zelaand would be more worthy to be the best than Italy. Not that the NZL are that bad. They’ve gotten way better.

  2. that was not the italy we saw in 06… they need to regain again that italy team in 2014…

  3. before the worldcup came on, i watched all of these vids, every team! :)), i can’t wait for 2014 and will miss 2010

  4. @MJJLOVER82958 na thats brazils time to shine have not won in 11 years but thats because they are over confident thinking they are gonna win but im pretty sure they know hat already like why aren’t we winning world cups anymore

  5. @spainking1 lol,watch my video of Quagliarella not being offside,dude that could have been 3-3 :/ they would have came back from a 3-1… it was great that game was,and yeah all the players are gone now,cant wait till 2014 man 🙂

  6. @thegdman94 amen. Italy has the talent to win any game. People are scared of the italians so they have to say they cheat to make themselfs feel better. Now that we have a new coach and new italians coming in. Where going to see a 5th star. We gave the world a relazing world cup but come 2014 its over. ITALIANS ARE BACK

  7. italy just didnt play with passion… shame, cuz this cup is possibly the last for a bunch of the players

  8. With Euro teams improving like Switzerland, Slovakia, Serbia, Sloviena, Belgium and Ukraine, I’ll laugh if i see Italy in the 2014 world cup with those same old, slow ass turtles holding an out of date trofee everytime they lose!!

  9. @arielabril57 jajaja your english sucks so bad. it was just one bad WC and have some respect for Cannavaro, the only defender to win the “fifa best player award.” all of italy was made p of juve players and the juve players were low on confidence and out of shape due to the horrible season they had. and their MAIN play maker was injured and the other play makers were either too young and unexperienced or were out of their best. so keep your mouth shut

  10. Captain Fabio Cannavaro is the best that there is anyone who says otherwise obviously is either drunk,or just a plain hater.

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