1. umm
    what irony?
    do you even know what irony is?
    I bet you can’t list more than 5 american football players at the top of your mind.(Coming from a fellow european and football enthusiast)

  2. but still giovanni van bronckhorst goal in the match brazil vs netherlands was the best

  3. The guys from Rooster Teeth should be announcers in FIFA 13/14….that would be amazing.. 😀

  4. Set the difficulty in the settings to professional/world class, that should improve both AI’s skill level.

  5. How did u get so many goals. In my simulation it was 0-0 then 0-0 through extra time and Spain won in penalties

  6. no… Spain has bought the referee and thats why, but if the referee was bought it would be 3-2 indeed.

  7. netherlands didn’t face spain in the semis if they did how could El Roja of Spain face the dutch in the final?

  8. I’m Dutch, and it was a horrible game to watch. It was bad football, no matter where you are from. 14 Yellow Cards, nuff said.

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