The World Cup is once again set to visit a growing economy after it will be held in Brazil for the 2014 edition. The 2006 edition was viewed as a highly successful one, but that is not expected of the upcoming World Cup. This is due to the history of violence in Brazil – especially in the poorer parts of the country. The nation has also been troubled by an uprising against the government after the decision to spend millions and millions of money – given by the taxpayers – on improving the stadiums and not developing the infrastructure.

Brazil is vastly underequipped in terms of transportation and infrastructure and it was seen as the major areas that would get a much-needed overhaul as a result of this World Cup. Yet, the public have been astonished to see the government spending huge amounts of money in creating stadiums, which are unlikely to fill once the tournament is over. The Confederations Cup, which acts as a precursor to the World Cup, was marred by troubles involving the supporters. There was even a danger of the competition being called off as a result of the protests.

England manager Roy Hodgson says that England fans travelling to see the team take part in this tournament should take extra precautions to ensure their safety.

“As far as we [the team] are concerned we are going to have a lot of protection. It’s more for the fans that this is a larger concern. But I have great faith in the government, the local organising committee and FIFA. I have to say that I don’t want to suggest there is no reason for concern. Of course, there is. From my point of view I just have to be trusting in our security, the security of the Brazilian government and all the things that FIFA will do to make it secure for the fans and the players,” said Hodgson.