1. no we need them because they are some of the best footballs in the world…

  2. Yeh i think I’ll just listen to New Order-Loves got the world in motion. Thanks.

  3. It’s people like you that set the expectations to high leading to failure in all competitions.

  4. who the fuck needs rio ferdinand + wayne rooney…is it because there from man u???
    From Chelsea fan XD

  5. wot we need is to probaly get all the young lads in like sturridge wilshere ahley young all thos lads. with that we’ll have pace. with that we’ll win

  6. we have a very good chance of winning the next world cup. we have a great team now plus he just beat spain soooooo…….,. C ome on England

  7. we should of took adam johnson and we need a better manager then we will have a better chance

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