1. @MegaLio95
    There are many different play styles for football. I personally can’t stand Barca and Spain, only because they never take risks and always stay safe. No guts, no glory.
    -Die Mannschaft fan

  2. LMFAO, I’m reading some comments and a dumbass says “anti football” lol dude, Spain & FC Barcelona are showing the world how to play soccer! Ugly soccer is the type that England play, they have no strategy & just play horrible… Soccer can be made seen so easy & beutiful with pure absolute passing 😀 no other team makes me happier!!! FC Barcelona showed the world wat is soccer when they smashed Madrid 5-0

  3. Spain all-round are an amazing team but i thought Torres was average David Villa was amazing Xavi, Iniesta, superb Puyol as a leader was just on another planet.

  4. Trulyloyale is without doubt the most arrogant, ridiculous, uneducated, pathetic, self-centered, mental, immature, worthless, retarded, annoying cocksucker on Youtube. To all Spain fans, please ignore every single word that the idiot writes down because it doesn’t mean shit. Since he never shuts up, it proves how much of a sad and lonely cunt he really is. End of story

  5. @muller13No Besides that greasy fuck is nothing but a 26 year old virgin who still lives with his mum and his no friends. That retard spends all of his time on a computer were he keeps bitching and bitching and never shuts up. Here in Argentina we all now that Italy are team of professional actors and do not play class football.
    They cheated in 2006 against Australia when Grosso won a penalty by diving.

  6. @PreToSpain Yo se que Espana tienes un buena equipo. Y yo se que nosotros los ganamos 4-1 en un friendly pero eso ya paso. No ase caso a ese cara de mierda Trulyloyale. El no sabes nada de football y los argentinos igual sabes que el equipo italiano juegan como maricones. Saludos amigo

  7. @PreToSpain It’s their problem hermano, you shouldn’t worry about it at all. We live in a world filled with bad losers. They must accept it or else they will live the rest of their lives in agony. Trulyloyale is a perfect example. The World Cup ended nine months ago and he is still whining about Spain’s World Cup win. That proves how much of a sad loser he really is. I’m Argentine and proud to have Italian and Spanish blood. Do worry about Trulyloyale, he nothing but a stupid loser.

  8. @muller13No I couldn’t agree with you more dude. Trulyloyale is nothing but a joke

  9. @muller13No HOLLAND didnt play dirty… that was just de Jong and van Bommel (a little) and remember de Jong’s kick was an ACCIDENT and holland played good all games exept the finals, so they DID deserve to win, without Holland football wasnt popular now and BARCALONA (spainish club) would be SHIT and the goal against uruguay WASNT offside because van Persie didnt TOUCH the ball, I like germany and I dont hate your but plz, one man (de Jong) doesnt represents a whole country… greets

  10. well at least next world cup in 2014 will see again the REAL TOP CLASS football teams like Brazil, Italy
    or Argentina back again to show what GREAT FOOTBALL by masters really is , so lucky robbers boring everyone with their awful antifootball trash or pathetic german diving pussies and doped cheaters will stay away for the safe of Top football !!!
    2010 world cup : worst ever

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