1. how can you say barca is the current best if they get their butts kicked by bayern?? 4-0, 3-0 and as of 2 days ago 2-0! thats 9-0 in total in favor of bayern the last 3 times barca and bayern have played. Bayern is absolutely the best team in the world right now!

  2. Doesn’t matter, you can’t say Germany were dominated because they were tired, no, if you say that, why weren’t Spanish players tired after they played the same amount of games Germany did? See? This is just shows that Spanish team is better than Germany and Spaniards have more stamina than Germans. If Germans were tired, then why are they Footballers? A real Footballer that plays in a national team should never feel tired at all, but in the end, Spain was the better team.

  3. okay, lost in the finals in 2002 World Cup, lost in the semifinals in 2006 World Cup, in the 2008 Euro Cup they lost in the finals, 2010 lost in the semifinals of the World Cup, in 2012 they lost in the semifinals of the Euro Cup… doesn’t Germany hold the record for most 3rd place finishes?!? it’s not bullshit.

  4. They were dominated…..because they were tired. I’m allowed an opinion….accept the fact.

  5. What about the Netherlands and all the World Cup finals they have lost and semifinals I think 3 finals and 1 semi finals and haven’t won one like Germany.

  6. Things have changed a lot now,waiting for a “revenge”rematch 😉

  7. Samething with Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, Borussia Dortmund defeated Real Madrid 4-3, but 4 of Borussia Dortmund goals were scored by a Polish player. But most of the players in Barcelona are Spaniards, and many players in Real Madrid are Spaniards.

  8. Go home Joker, you are drunk, just by your name, TheJoker, we can tell that you are joking.

  9. No, they were outplayed and dominated by Spaniards, they weren’t tired, accept the fact.

  10. I strongly agree with you! And I’m not German. If only Hitler made a better and smarter decisions, Germany would have taken all over the world, or at least Europe, but Hitler wasn’t smart, that’s why Germany lost WW2. But Germany had a great military back then, I agree with you.

  11. @nobert cash u fucked up? Bayern had the swuad and barca had the barca b squad idiot


  13. Viva España!!! Abajo esos hijos de puta que nos roban en la puta cara!!!

    P.D.: @Ralph007es Muy bueno

    P.D.D: Creo que en efecto el chaval ese tiene 12 años, aunque tambien podemos apreciar sintomas de subnormalidad 🙂

  14. get your facts straight. germany had the best army in ww2. only almost the whole world could stop germany. 😉 bad comparison from you but you started that!

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