1. Jeez, a lot of Netherlands bashing in here. It was a nice goal, congrats to Spain, though I wish the outcome was different. It was an awful game though because on both sides the referee simply handed out free kicks and cards to ANYTHING. Oh well, hoping that next year’s Euro leads to a rematch.

  2. I am not a soccer fan, but something made me watch the final game of 2010. I’m glad I did, that was THE MOST intense game of soccer I had ever seen.

  3. the dutch are such cry babies hate to be them bitter hating life sorry maybe next time

  4. España es uno de los países más felices de vivir en grandes! ¡Viva España! Me alegro de tener a la familia de España!

  5. @TheNick0033 omg i know right. i wish i was good at soccer, but man i cant run worth a crap…

  6. Spain must’ve been counting their lucky stars that Robben was off form in that final, he would’ve scored a hattrick on a better day.

  7. It must be a great feeling to have the whole team dashing at you for a hug 😀

  8. @aplayaz2000 Dude! I am over the goal, I don’t care about Spain winning the world cup, and my team being knocked out in the round of 32. I AM NOT DUTCH. BELIEVE ME, YOU IMBECILE.

  9. @gamedude4888 k buddy no one cares leave me alone u dutch loser, get over the goal

  10. @aplayaz2000 Dude, I’m not Dutch, I’m English? Look at my videos, my channel. Everything. All in English. That proves I’m English…. Unless you really are that stupid to call me Dutch even though I proved you wrong…

  11. my focus is on that Netherlands guy who did a flying kick to save the Goal, Cool

  12. It’s a bit ironic. Holland were defeated by Spain, whose playing style was developed by The Flying Dutchman.

  13. >Previous attack : referee’s blunder : there should be corner by Netherlands.

  14. @aplayaz2000 I’m not Dutch, you complete retard… Though I wouldn’t really call a 1-0 defeat an ass-kicking…

  15. even tho i have a dutch nationality, i wore my Spain shirt with pride 1 year ago nd still do.

  16. i hope that the netherlands win en f*cking spain is gonna losew cancer spain

  17. cancer you have spain just lucky I killed your Jew cancer family cancer gay spain

  18. @smokey0825 it was scored in Extra time. I think there was 10 minutes left in extra time when iniesta scored.

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