1. Paul made the right choice… the best should win!! Spain was solid, they maintained their focus and were never deterred by the excessive faults and dirty football of the Dutch team. No amount of kicks were going to stop the best team in the world this time!!! BRAVO SPAIN!!

  2. @LifeInATent Hahaha who’s balding? Hmmm…. Arjen and Wesley — ugh, both Dutch.

  3. the fifa is a corupt organisation…who put here will up….. to the people,,,

  4. check out my page my family made a bet to the world cup game loser got thier head shaved.i bet u will laugh!!!

  5. spain won….yes!!!! really great and nice team congratulation to Spain and Spainesh people greating from Qaiser Ali Pakistan

  6. Spain!!!!<3 Well, I really wanted Spain to win and they did it by first time in history! Also congratulations to Netherlands to, by getting at that point in competition, congratulations to both countries, greetings from Puerto Rico =D

  7. Next world cup no need to play any matches…octopus will tell who will be te winner

  8. @LifeInATent ah sad because holland lost. cheer up theyll make it next time. haha

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