1. @jnven i really would like to see Germany vs. Ireland in the finals!

  2. @jnven
    He still is and will remain part of history of football as one of the best striker.

  3. Henry’s goal should VS Ireland should be named “The Hand of God”.

  4. and then people say italy cheats… france: reaches world cup 2006 final mostly through penalty dives, reaches south africa with a handball,

  5. maby henry used his hand a gave the ball a small touch and yes france did do bad in the world cup, but im pretty shure they would of done better than irerland

  6. France sucked this World cup and did not deserve to be there, such a disgrace. Germany was fantastic which is why they are my favorite team, I really hope they win the next World Cup. 🙂

  7. everybody plz watch my video nd comment its called the best world cup tribute thank u all

  8. well Zidane was the beginning of the golden age of French football, and he’s also the one to end it.

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