1. well, even though i have FIFA world cup south africa to PS3, i think this is still good because of the adboards and the game is not that bad and the graphics is not bad at all. only thing i want is the vuvuzelas! but its a mode so its kind of hard to get vuvuzelas to it

  2. This in fact is a sort of game mode for fifa 2010, since EA Sports did not release FIFA World Cup 2010 for PC. So just download it and play the damn game, it is the only thing we have close to the World Cup in PC…

  3. The graphics on fifa are 1000000…times better than pes.In pes only you have to run and too shoot a ball nothing interesting

  4. @Damage294 Fake is your mother you fucktard, read the description for fuck sake.
    “Developed by the community (the best editors in the whole world) on FIFA 10 platform, the mode seems to be the biggest creation of all FIFA-Time.
    It will be available soon as FREE Download, as a mode for the original FIFA 10 Game.”

  5. @jimmyneutron017 No it’s not you retard, it’s a WC 10 MODE for FIFA 10 PC, not an official EA game !

  6. that is fake video
    2010 fifa world cup isn’t released for PC

  7. It looks like paint or something because they made it like shit. Look at it. It looks like a copy and they just paste the flag over it.

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