1. He has a valid point. America believes in Democracy, right?
    Everyone who likes footbal raise your hand: 194 countries raise their hand
    Everyone who likes handegg raise your hand: 1 country raises its hand.
    Do the math.

  2. i hate how some Americans get offended when people say soccer instead of ‘football’, football is a totally different sport and your not from some foreign country so shut up douche bags

  3. @TheCommanderMalander He wasn’t saying that. He was saying that’s what the average American sports fan would say.

  4. dude fuck this guy, saying soccer isn’t a real mans sport? , hey guess what, most of the world thinks your “football” is bull shit, greetings from Croaita you bitch .

  5. @DaMarlboroMan3 well handegg is how we know the sport americans call football. no big deal about it…

  6. @DaMarlboroMan3 And that passes for strategy these days?

    A better strategy? Flood the game with commercials, and hope one lands a hit. It’s simple, childish, devoid of any real thought, and therefore perfect for the sport of american football….wow, that sounds really harsh. Sorry, I just kinda wanted to see if I could actually bring myself to write that. Nothing personal 🙂

    Go communist sports!

  7. hahaha this dude needs to be on medication. And for his punishment he should be forced to play 90 min of soccer.

  8. They should call American Football “Hitball,” “Tackleball,” or “Crushball.” Actually, Rugby is more like Crushball…

  9. @DaMarlboroMan3 Also why do you care so much if we call it Soccer? is it that big of a fuckin deal? Tends to come across as oversensitive.

  10. @Joricky12 I can’t help ya if you find it boring. However to see the strategy in it I suggest you rent Madden and play it a bit, if it is even stocked in Europe.

    You are probably talking about a handoff with the fast guy thing. To defend such a play a lot of blockers have to be on the line leaving the backfield open for a passing play. The defenders on the line have to pressure the thrower if it is a fake handoff so the backfield isn’t threatened; teamwork is involved in the strategy.

  11. @DaMarlboroMan3 American football maybe a team sport but its so fucking boring. They stop for 10 minutes after every 5 seconds of gameplay.

    And every player needs to work together?
    Come on ive seen some things about american football and it is usually just 1 fast guy running across the field with the egg in his hands.
    And dont give me that ‘the rest of the team blocks the opponents’ bullshit because usually the opponents are on the other side of the field, or behind him.

  12. @PlanesCoinsandMusic9 Srpead too thin. U.S. spends more on defense per capita than most countries would on Universal Health care. Because the U.S. does this, protected areas like Europe can cut down their defense budgets.

    Countries that have socialist programs like universal health care get free funding for “humanitarian programs” via the IMF… most of which is funded by the US. Thats why the IMF headquarters is in Washington D.C. right next to the U.S. treasury. U.S. funds most of the U.N..

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