1. @MAZZEKAARTS I never see those lobby’s being used by the correct people anyway
    (American’s in European lobby’s and vice versa)

  2. @candIejac As I said, sadly they don’t feel Australia is a big enough continent to give it it’s own lobby. 🙁
    Only Fifa 10 has a fan-made lobby with about 8 people in it.

  3. @MAZZEKAARTS Unfortunately no 🙁
    You can be host of a game by creating a session in an online lobbie.

  4. Is there a way to filter online matchmaking so that it picks players that are closest to you? Because there is no Australia lobby and everytime I pick head to head I have a 2 bar connection.
    Btw, Australia are winning battle of the nations, hahah!

  5. Hahaha, brilliant mate. Love to see people who stand like that on their own half get it. 😀

  6. @TutorialzMusicVidz lol, actually nothing at all, i did expect something but got sweet fa, thanks for your views 😉

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