1. @nasri5638 i really do hope brazil does good in the wc dude… but im just saying…. at the moment they are not the best.

  2. @slnakm Ok, so that everybody agrees, we will say that the Germans are the best. Brazil lost its effectiveness, but will find it in 2014. With the likes of Neymar, Ganso and all others, the future is assured! Remind that Portugal is in a 4-4 draw against Cyprus, and lost against Norway and Denmark …

  3. @nasri5638 brazil almost lost mexico…. which is embarrasing as fuck… and they lost to PARAGUAY in penalties…. because they MISSED 4! FUCKING penalties in a row in the quarterfinal of the copa america..they arent the best… not even close…

  4. The Brazilians do not like the Portugueses. Brazil is 100 times better! Brazil? The best. Le portugal he’s nul.

  5. brazil and portugal are two awesome teams but i gotta say the portugese goalie was awesome in this game

  6. Portugal may not won the world cup but at least portugal would make it to the semi-finals, the problem is the fucking referee. villa’s goal was offside… Portugal best in the world! best players ever

  7. @SAMarschiert in a meaningless friendly? Portugal 3-1 Brazil. World Cup 1966. Pele and Jairzinho nowhere to be seen. Remember.

  8. @MyYewzPlox Don´t care! Portugal owned Spain with 5-0! And Spain won Portugal by 2-1 and one goal is invalid (Spain).

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