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  5. 2014 : Lucas, Coutinho, Neymar, Ganso, Pato, Piazon, Douglas Costa, Sandro, Casemiro, Ramires, Marcelo, D. Luiz, Thiago Silva (Brazil) vs Ozil, Muller, Gotze, Kroos, Schurrle, Bastian, Holtby, Hummels, Neuer, Schmelzer, Lahm, Khedira ( GER)

  6. Its true that Neymar still hadent proven himself but that doesn’t mean anything.
    What’s important’s that Neymar and Pele are different.
    Pele made an oath to his father to win a World Cup when he was a kid.
    Different times, different people.
    Kids today don’t know what an oath ment for kids back then and viceversa.
    Neymar is one of the best brazilian pl. With his skill he could’ve easily made it to the WC but his mentallity is different. That’s why Dunga didn’t pick him. Sad thing tough.

  7. @ChelseaLampardFC fuck no. when you have pele back you up on playing in a world cup im pretty sure that you have proven yourself

  8. @austin5812 haha neymar still hadent proven himself as a world cup player back then dunga would of been dumb for picking neymar

  9. They did’nt play the beautiful brazilian way, more like tactical and Intellegent way.
    No daring, No bold moves, No tricks, they did’nt play like joga bonito 🙁

  10. kaka is the best.i have all the internaion teams like england,usa,honduras, argentina,brazi too!

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