1. @DaniDaDazzler247 I checked that you stay in usa! 🙂 Well you can try bh cosmetics, its the 120 eyeshadow palette #2. 🙂

  2. what is the makeup pallete u use here and can u buy it online i love these colors btwww

  3. @msharleyquinzel Hmm what do you live? if its in singapore, I could give you the number of the person where I got 🙂

  4. @msharleyquinzel Yupps! I really like it for its oil control ability! 🙂 Also hydrates my skin!

  5. αмαzιιɴɢ, υ r вeαυтιғυl!!!pleαѕe ѕυѕcrιвe мy cнαɴɴel!! pleαѕeee :d хoхo

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