1. Germany was winning and Ireland was´╗┐ cheering us and laughing about the fact that WE beat England 4 times ­čśŤ Thank you Ireland ­čśÇ I hope that it will take part in the World Cup next time!!!! Anyway it is just a game so don┬┤t be sad and have fun instead, okay?!!!;-) Greetings from Germany

  2. look im english and embarrassed to be one.
    England is´╗┐ a fucking shithole
    im fucking going to america
    bnp suck donkey cock

  3. Have you ever been to Germany? I was often in England, visiting my relatives in Margate, if they would read the bullshit what you wrote,they would say: go and play on the M1! The War is a long Time ago and many Germans hate Nazis! There are Idiots in Germany and in England as well! Maybe you should think a bit more before you wrote such a bullshit! You got Facists in England,too! What about´╗┐ your fucking BNP!?

  4. ….yes,all germans
    are nazis,youre right…and dont forget,we all wear leather trousers..bahaha:D
    take a look at our team..at our country…multicultural
    all the way…stupid little boy…but´╗┐ you are not the only one…people dont get it,
    thats sad…nazis get straped here..greets from germany…

  5. @JamieWayneRothery i just dont´╗┐ like most germans
    i make many nazi jokes
    hitler was a pussy
    they will beat us anyway
    england are shite

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