1. yes it was chose as the best goal in thw world cup history jsut serach it retard and one of the best in football history.

  2. 1978… argentina “fairly” beat peru 6-0 to advance in the cup (after argentina shipped a ton of grain to peru) …. google it

  3. dirtiest??? hahahah shut up the only dirty thing was that hand that maradona did but after that he score the best goal in world cup history so shut up luck at the 1990 final we got cheated by the germans with that fake penalty.

  4. I’m neither from England nor from Argentina. Everyone here is a FuckGerman. Just say what’s best for your country little crybabies.

  5. So.. I’m guessing you’re from England who has the worst penalty record ever. Yes, he had a list in his sock that said where every player is likely to shoot. So what? It’s not cheating, it’s being clever.

  6. Pfftt. Haha, me shut up?
    People have had to put up with your pathetic arguments on this video.
    So please, before you tell me to shut up.
    Look back at your comments on this video…

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  8. no lol “Hayden Christensen” he’s Anakin from the newer star wars movies and he’s the main guy in “Jumper” (my favorite actor)

  9. I’m not angry, don’t worry. By the way, is the guys on the picture is you? I don’t mean anything, I just want to know, because you look like Brazilian.

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