1. @TheIRiShCaSaNoVa yea I see where you are coming from, no amount of tactical management will make a team win, but a heart felt countryman with sincere desire for victory can inspire their team. For example I live in the US and even though I prefer the style of European managers, I wouldn’t trade Our national team coach for the world

  2. im irish…i like the danes…its always the same with england…like they have one of the best teams on paper in the world an when the big cups come up they choke…to get the best out of your squad id go with an english manager who actually cares ya know

  3. @JohnnyCash08 haha just a shame you beat up England 4-1 then 😛 im danish and i will be chering for germany now !!!!!!!!!

  4. Hammergeil fußball HIT! N-Euro Coming Home Football !!!! Das fußball Hammerhit! Youtube ! N-Euro Football Coming Home!

  5. how to confuse the opponent!………send two runners up either side of the field towards the opposing net. everyone else is passing the ball around, and the opponent must divide his attention to keep an eye on the two runners! because he has no idea who will be passed the ball. this is the tiny fraction of an opening! the super pass! the opponent will have no time to react and youve got him as youre ball zips into his net!

  6. What does the commentator mean by:”Few expected them to winn the group”??? – As we all know Denmark is the most feared team in the World. Every country expects Denmark to take the Cup. Errrhm..maybe not..

  7. Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Carrick, Terry, Ferdinand.
    England seems pretty strong this time.
    I cheer for you when my home country Germany is out. You and the Netherlands.

  8. AGAIN!

    Thanks for the person who posted these videos!!

    I work so much and do not have tivo or dvr!

    Thanks again!!!!!!!

  9. I love denmark and i love england if denmark are out i will go for england

  10. LOL now lets stop with the insulting and do what we came here to do in the first place watch truly great teams who made it to the biggest stage of football. Just wanted to point something out, pause at 7:56 and look at Rooney ‘s left leg!! is that normal? it looks bent to me but i don’t know. man it looks painful but oh well he was alright but wow what flexible bones he has 🙂

  11. @haydnmcbad i dont even want to know where you are from but i am sure its a shithole is it not. i will give you the money for you to buy a football so you can play in in your sandals with your 26 brothers.

  12. @haydnmcbad If you want to be a smart-ass, you would know that Great Britain would sink into the ocean, not England you smug prick. Also it’s ‘Let me help you out..’ remember children capital letter starts a sentence.

    ENGLAND <3

  13. @bamo919 If I even see an English flag anywhere I tear it down, and if someone is wearing a British or English flag I do confront them and they soon leave in fear.

  14. @BatesAvfc let me help you out with the spelling of you’re… typical English, can’t even use their own language properly.

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