1. 0:17 I understand all the Klose stuff arguments but really…Spanish chick? That’s a Spanish flag? Now take a look at the klose argument ­čÖé

  2. Instead of criticizing the Klose pronuntiation, teach us how to pronounce it in german, you assholes. Is not that I would like to, since I dont like him at all, but I do like many german players, if I learned to say Borussia M├Ânchengladbach in german why can you just teach us and stop crying for pronuntiations? I wont laugh at your spanish or your english, so to say.
    I hate stupid people

  3. @AsimisterMT dude ur an idiot. klose is polish so is so not a nazi bastard. god what are you just stupid or what.

  4. @Mickey2315 uh hispanic announcers don’t pronounce Donovan’s name like Donbwan they pronounce it Donovan and theres no W in spanish

  5. @FIFA07Addicted these guys don’t call 100’s of games on tv its not their job. this is the first time they’ve probably ever heard klose’s name and their doing the best they can im pretty sure if you went to a foreign country you wouldn’t know how to pronounce everyone’s name either

  6. Spanish players not quite as happy as I excepted after winning their (I’d say) top rivals in World Cup game!

  7. @Mickey2315 that comment was just dumb. I┬┤m pretty sure they say donovan. and english and american commentators always say “KlossE” not close.

  8. @DerekIsAwesome1494 Right, I know that…I’m not hispanic, but I’m fluent in Spanish. That’s my point…these guys are pronouncing Klose like it’s spelled in English because they’re American.

  9. @Mickey2315 Actually hispanic announcers pronounce Donovan like it’s spelled and they usually pronounce it like Donbwan because V is pronounced like B in Spanish. I know because I’m hispanic.

  10. @jimmyclarke16 however they do admit to being ‘big football fans’ in the ghana vs USA match

  11. @dyfman31 our arrogance? i dont see how that proves our arrogance?? its incredibly clear that soccer is marginally the least popular sport in America. They most likely could barely name any players on the American team w/o looking at them…so why would they know the pronunciation of a name they’ve never seen before?

  12. @dyfman31 oh god!!!! they dont know the names of players on a foreign team playing a sport hardly anyone in
    America gives a shit about!?!?!?!?!? Such failures……-_- why do you expect people from Achievement Hunter to actually know the names of the players???

  13. @SlickPowers One would think so. I don’t think these guys cared so much. It’s not like they’re actually commentating a World Cup match.

  14. @Mickey2315 well if they are going to do commentary on a game other than England vs USA, don’t you think you would want to get the names right so you dont look like a complete dumbass?

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