1. @TheMrBeastyMode hahahahahaah i’m not from mexico and not from brazil. and what if i was? is that bad? it’s fucking awesome. you’re dutch cheesehead or an fucking american bastard who thinks that only your country exist. and let me guess. how many world cups did your country won ?.. zeeeerrrooooo and brazil ? . 5 fucking time bitch. so suck that. and you saying that brazil sucks ? haha if you’re dutch well. nobody even know that your country exist and if your american i feel really sorry for you

  2. @TheMrBeastyMode you can only go down now. Robben is a grandpa now. Your captain is even older. and sneijder have been very, very very bad this year.

  3. @sonialambeck where are you from ?
    Hahaha holland sucks?
    thats like the funniest comment I have read today
    we are ranked second in the whole world
    Anyways were are you from Mexico or somethin
    and another brazilian fan because your country sucks !

  4. @joekelmen Check this… 2:17 and there were many more. So WTF are you talking about?


  6. @allanloveforfood Spain has one more year of title contention? Really? Because Spain has one of the youngest squads in international football. Most players are under or around 25. We will continue winning for decades to come

  7. @Danielvlogz in like 2005 Ronaldinho was the best player of the world and everything
    but now Ronaldinho is getting old and a little bit bad
    but this is my opinion

  8. haha, i was so happy we won, but then.. spain.

    But ye, i am watching this because about a few min, netherlands will play again vs Brazil.

  9. Nice to hear that the Brazilian football fans welcomed the dutch team with applause at the beginning of the training.

  10. @EmmaCharmed I am from england but I really like the Dutch team. It will be hard for them, because they are missing van der Vaart, Sneijder, van Bommel, Stekelenburg, de Zeeuw, heitinga and others. hope they win though,

  11. @TheMrBeastyMode I dont know the time that the match will start in your country because i live on brazil xD.. good lucky.. lol

  12. @FullSnipe007 yeah, but i think its just a training match. but still GO HOLLAND !!

  13. Btw. Is there a match on Saturday? Netherlands vs Brazil? I don’t think so.

  14. @BUYFIFA11COINS They want to do a sneeky tactic. They wanna let Brazil know that Arjen Robben didn’t touched the ball, but ofcourse he did. Then Wesley Sneijder came, but he didn’t reached the ball because of Dani Alves. If he had reached the ball then they had maybe another plan.

  15. @allanloveforfood Yeah, and Brazil is hosting world cup 2014.
    I hope the finals will be Netherlands vs Brazil.
    this is my opinion but I think Netherlands are gonna win.
    Anyways they are playing this saturday
    and may the best soccer team win !

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