1. Yea i agree this time italy play like shit.. the goalie is mad wacked.. i wish buffon play xD.

  2. you guys dont know that italy plays shit in this world cup cuz slovakia never qualified for the fifa world cup and italy have qualified to the world cup 17 times and took 4 world cups so they can have fun its ok italy i hope next world cup you be serious

  3. @rodolfho08 hey supergappie u can go suck dick because italy is gonna win way more world cups so u can go fuck your self cause u dont shit about soccer

  4. @musevash The 06 cup they werent diving, they won because they had some of the best players in the world, il admit that at the 2010 cup they dove sometimes but thats all apart of the game. Teams like barcelona and other teams dive all the time
    Get over it italy had the best squd in 2006

  5. @fifafan1 the point was try n “shut” a team out out without diving like assholes every 5 seconds. No one respects the italian team but italians.

  6. Italy won 4 times the World Cup! We’ve got 4 STARS. The ONLY reason why Italy did not do well in 2010 was because the players on the field did not deserve to play. We have a lot of good players that FOR SOME STRANGE REASON weren’t called to play. Anyway we won the previous world cup and we can’t just keep winning, but we have to let other teams win too. Slovkia football team can’t be compared to the Italian one. We have tried 4 times how it feels like + european cup and other competitions.

  7. @Nez0rf well, one of the cups was the one in 1934, and, if you don’t know, Italy played totally unfair in this tournament, but the refs did nothing even if Italy was striking and knocking and so on, because Italy was the host of the cup. If you don’t believe me, feel good doing it but I swear it’s true.

  8. @FDKGLL It’s just because Italy started with this stupid diving and practises this also in todays years(look at Cassano and Inzaghi…) and you know they always play very passive and defensive(they invented this stupid”Catenaccio”) and this kind of playing is not very attractive to the viewers on TV.

  9. GK: Buffon
    RB: Zambrotta
    CB: Cannavaro
    CB: Chiellini
    LB: Nesta
    CDM: De Rossi
    CDM: Pirlo
    RW: Di Natale
    CAM: Cassano
    LW: Balotelli
    ST: Pazzini

  10. the only game italy played as italy was the last 20 minutes of solovakia match
    and they scored two goals
    and one goal not permitted
    italy was ok but the formation and the plan of the coach killed them
    idont understand lippi he was coaching like he diidnt care
    so why u accepted to be the coach
    enough was 2006

  11. @spartak131313 every good team played like shit… Italy, Brazil, France, Germany, all of the good teams played like shit.

  12. Yes, we sucked during the last World Cup, but why is there so much hate against Italy? I think that italian football has done great thing in the past: we won 4 World Cup, 1 European Championship and we’ve always had a lot of great players. Sadly in this period we’re living a crisis and it’s not easy to recreate a good team without great players. Lippi should have done it immediately after his return on the Italian bench, but he prefered to call people that were at the end of their career…

  13. @Nez0rf jep germany is the official second best team in world cup history, u may look it up its fact.

  14. @spartak131313 lol they won a match against Italy n you’re all up on your high horse.. you watch, Italy will be back..Do agree with you though on the whole Italians fallin over, but soo many teams in the world cup did it… fucking pathetic if you ask me, they’re all a bunch of sissys..

  15. @Nez0rf actualy I would argue with you on that one. True Italy won once more than Germany, but it World Cup history Germany has made the semi finals 12 times, Italy only 8 times. And Germany has made it to the finals 7 times, Italy only 6 times. Also Germany has only failed once to make it past group stages, Italy failded to make it past group stages 5 times.

  16. italy won 4 world cups , it’s the 2nd best world team after brazil that won 5 world cups 😉 cheers

  17. i cant tell you how glad i was after this match. no more italy at the world cup! yay!

  18. naah italy is not shot.. they are very good .. bit now they are a new team and i think they will be soon better! All the goals was mistakes from the defence!

  19. Italy should have won , but they didnt play like they did 4 years ago ……. but hey the still won world cup in 2006 and im not startin shit, but u you still cant say shit about Italy

  20. @sadel7 im the same as you haha. the last 20mins of this match were the most stressfull 20mins of my life.
    though i didnt think italy were going to go far. my money was on spain or argentina from the start.
    cant wait for the next world cup.

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