Ryan Bertrand wants to have a bigger role in Roy Hodgon’s team

For a fee of €10 million, Ryan Bertrand was transferred from Aston Villa to Southampton and it has turned out to be a bargain price for the team of Ronald Koeman as the 25 year old defender has turned out to be one of the best players in this season of the Premier League.

Bertrand has performed in almost all of the Premier League matches in this season for Southampton with impressive performances being made throughout the entire campaign but he is now ready to make a claim in the England national football team.

The last match that Bertrand played with England was back in March 31 when he entered the pitch at the 87th minute during a friendly match that was being battled out between Italy and England at the Juventus Stadium.

Bertrand is hoping that he play a bigger role for England at the international stage and even though the undisputed left-back of Southampton only played for a few minutes against Italy, he said a few things concerning the match and how it was for him to get back on the pitch.

When Ryan Bertrand was asked about the left-back position in England, he replied by saying: “You know, it’s down to the manager. Whoever he wants to pick, it is his decision.’’

“I’ll just concentrate on my game. I’m confident enough to know that I should be in there, but I don’t pick the team so I’ll just keep playing. It was good to get on the pitch, even though it was very brief.’’

11 minutes was the period of time that Ryan Bertrand played against Italy as he made his 3rd appearance for England but the player is hoping that this will change soon but Bertrand is going to have to compete against the likes of: Kieran Gibbs, Luke Shaw and Leighton Baines as all of those players are also fighting to secure a spot in Roy Hodgson’s starting lineup.