Southgate on England defeat

England’s manager Gareth Southgate has stated that there is no magic wand to make England better and that the players will have to improve.

He said that the England national team is still behind the best teams in the world and that it will take time to change that.

He said that it was the first time that he was angry with players since taking charge of the national team. He said that the players know it and that they know that they have not been good enough. He believes that the players need to learn how to control the game better.

Gareth Southgate said that it was a disappointment for him to have lost the game, especially when playing against ten men.

He stated that this was a reality check for the team. He indicated that it is true that the England team has some exciting youngsters and that they have been quite successful so far when it comes to winning games against small sides but they will need to improve if they want to win games against the better teams.

He believes that the players will need to learn how to control games and play without the ball. He believes that their positioning was wrong on the pitch and that they will need to show more togetherness as well as fighting spirit.

He said that he does not regret choosing strong teams for the friendly games. He believes that this will provide a clear assessment of the England team and will help the players understand the level they are at.

Southgate believes that the team will need to work harder if they want to compete against teams such as Germany as well as France and that they have enough time to do it before the next world cup.