It was looking like a day to forget for striker Wayne Rooney

For 85 minutes against Slovenia, it was looking like a day to forget for striker Wayne Rooney after he had missed some crucial chances to put his team ahead. The England team were trailing two Slovenia and were in danger of dropping their first points in the group stages.

After a disappointing World Cup 2014, the team has been on an impeccable run of form that has seen them take up five wins out of five up until now. A sixth victory would put them in a commanding position going into the last few games.

Third placed Slovenia were also fighting for qualification and a positive result would have helped them close the gap on second placed Switzerland. As it is, Switzerland have been able to secure a commanding position after getting a win to take advantage of the dropped points for Slovenia. Two goals from Jack Wilshere had given England a 2-1 lead in the match. However, Pečnik’s goal with six minutes remaining looked to have given them a well-earned point. After missing two big chances before his moment in the 86th minute, Rooney may have been forgiven for not being confident. However, he converted his chance with aplomb to give England all three points from this difficult away match. Read More

Ryan Bertrand wants to have a bigger role in Roy Hodgon’s team

For a fee of €10 million, Ryan Bertrand was transferred from Aston Villa to Southampton and it has turned out to be a bargain price for the team of Ronald Koeman as the 25 year old defender has turned out to be one of the best players in this season of the Premier League.

Bertrand has performed in almost all of the Premier League matches in this season for Southampton with impressive performances being made throughout the entire campaign but he is now ready to make a claim in the England national football team.

The last match that Bertrand played with England was back in March 31 when he entered the pitch at the 87th minute during a friendly match that was being battled out between Italy and England at the Juventus Stadium.

Bertrand is hoping that he play a bigger role for England at the international stage and even though the undisputed left-back of Southampton only played for a few minutes against Italy, he said a few things concerning the match and how it was for him to get back on the pitch.

When Ryan Bertrand was asked about the left-back position in England, he replied by saying: “You know, it’s down to the manager. Whoever he wants to pick, it is his decision.’’ Read More

Arsene Wenger not going throught good Position

Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere has had problems involving drinking and smoking which has caused Arsene Wenger on having to step up and establish meetings with the English player regarding his actions.


“The smoking? Of course I regret it. I’ve been seen before doing it. I said then I made a mistake and I have made a mistake again.People make mistakes.I’m young and I’ll learn from it. I realize the consequences it has and the effect on kids growing up. I have kids myself and I don’t want them growing up to think their dad smokes and it’s OK for a footballer to smoke because it’s not.’’ That was one of the statements released by Wilshere as he expressed his regrets.


After Wilshere said those things, it was believed that Jack Wilshere had stopped doing those harmful things such as drinking and smoking but a few weeks ago some pictures were leaked to the internet which displayed Wilshere with a shisha pipe in a nightclub as the player was still recovering from an ankle surgery that he sustained some time ago.

It has become more than clear that Arsene Wenger is not happy with these actions of Jack Wilshere but there are some managers that have actually admitted in saying that Wilshere’s lifestyle is no problem for them and this is the case of England’s Roy Hodgson. Read More

England finished 2014 with 6 consecutive Wins

England concluded 2014 with six consecutive victories after a 3-1 win over Slovenia, who were seen as the major contenders for the top spot in the group. Danny Welbeck continued his impeccable form for England after scoring two more goals.

Thus, he managed to outshine Wayne Rooney, who opened the scoring against the Slovenians in the second half with a penalty. Since moving to Arsenal in the summer, Welbeck has been playing in his preferred central position. Even though he has not been prolific for the gunners, his form with England has been very good. The 24-year-old took his England tally to 13 goals in 32 international matches. Read More

Manchester United facing bad time

Manchester United is going through a disappointing era as the Premier League club is located outside of the top 5 positions of the top tier English League and it has been going this way ever since Sir. Alex Ferguson decided to step down his managerial reign at Old Trafford.

David Moyes was brought in to replace Sir. Alex Ferguson but he was sacked in less than 1 year with the Scottish coach only being able to pick up loss after loss. It came as no surprise to anyone that he was sacked so early.

Louis van Gaal has now been selected as the new man to follow the legacy of Sir. Alex Ferguson and so far things have slowly been improving.

Fans and experts have taken their aim trying to exactly pin-point as to what has caused Manchester United to suffer so much recently. The departure of Sir. Alex Ferguson has not been easy but there also are a number of factors that are being taken into consideration such as, the departure of NemanjaVidic and Rio Ferdinand.

A few months ago, Wayne Rooney was appointed as the new captain of Manchester United as he was given the captaincy armband following the exit of NemanjaVidic and fans aren’t sure if selecting a temperamental player such as Rooney with the role of being the captain of Mancheste United was the correct decision as they are unsure if the English forward has the capabilities of leading a team but according to Roy Hodgson, Rooney surely does.

Roy Hodgson has been impressed by what Wayne Rooney has done since being appointed as the captain of Manchester United and Hodgson has even suggested that the player should start taking into consideration a managerial or coaching career after he decided to retire as a player.

“Wayne has a lot of playing time left so I can’t think he has given it much thought, but when you have had a career like he has had, or the likes of Gerrard, Lampard, Terry or Cole have had, and you are that good a professional, then I would love to see them all stay in the game in a coaching or management role because they have so much to offer,” Hodgson said.