England needs to win fans

Sam Allardyce has stated that the England team should first win the fans back. He said that there is a deception in the England camp at the moment after the performance at the Euros 2016, and it is up to the players to ensure that they turn things around.

The new England manager said that it is perfectly normal for the fans to behave like this as the England team has deceived them. He said it is important that the players deliver a passionate performance and fight for the country. It is only at this moment that they will be able to reconnect with the fans and win back their support.

Sam Allardyce has stated that there is nothing wrong with the England fans and the problem lie with the England team. He said that the fans have always been supporting the team at every major tournament, and it is the players that have constantly been unable to deliver the goods. He said that he would do everything he can to change this situation and make sure that the team becomes great again.

He said that as a player you can’t expect fans to support you if you are not playing well. He stated that fans are not stupid. They know how good a player is and how hard they are trying on the pitch. As a player, you need to give your best on the pitch if you want fans to start supporting you.
Sam Allardyce said that his first job as the England manager would be to get the players fit and make sure that they play as a team. He believes that there is a lack of team spirit at the moment in the team, and he has vowed to change that.