1. @manniman82 Rubbish, you can see he is offside, not by a long shot, but the images are there, that’s the proof, if you refuse to accept these facts, it’s because you choose to.

  2. In Euro 2008 i wanted spain to win. Now I want them to loose. They were lucky they didnt face brasil because that lucky goal of sneighter whatever his name. we are going to joga your ass

  3. @manniman82 You are a fucking idiot.

    P.S. Stop writing in numbered lines, its not a fucking test.
    Grow up, asswipe.

  4. @KiidMoe Dude, it is impossible to tell that it was offside from the camera angle at 2:53. If you REALLY are serious about proving that it is offside then try and prove it with the replay of the goal that starts at 3:10. That replay is perfectly placed to judge if it is offside or not. If you are honest with yourself you’ll realize that AT NO POINT is Villa offside: not when Iniesta passed to Xavi and not when Xavi backheels to Villa (he was perfectly in line with Pepe, the far side defender)

  5. @Christophuzzy916 1- If you claim it is offside, when exactly is Villa offside (time on video)? And don’t make up stuff to make you feel better…
    2- I NEVER said Messi is Spanish, he is Argentinean and if you want to know why I refer to Messi and the CL then read my conversation with the guy I WAS REPLYING TO…
    3- The guy I was replying to wanted me to suck dick and I never said ALL Portuguese suck dick…just the men LMAO
    4- How many cups have you won with friendlies? FRIENDLY: WHO CARES???

  6. If You Pause At 2:53 When The Guy Backheels It To Villa You Can See It Is Offside.
    I Hate To Say This But Thumbs Up For Everyone To See 🙂

  7. @aerogun18 I am 2 years old 😉
    Still waiting for you to tell me when exactly Villa is offside…

  8. @aerogun18 Nevermind that, nowhere is villa offside. If you see an offside tell me when (at what second). Don’t make up shit to make you feel better…

  9. @manniman82
    There are videos proving that Spain’s goal is offside. Search on youtube “Portugal vs Spain offside goal”.

  10. Eduardo played a brilliant match. He really did keep the Spanish at bay. The portoguese defense was a joke. if it wasnt for Eduardo it would have been 10-0

  11. @manniman82 1. Villa goal was offside
    2. When did messi become spainish?
    3. This is clearing the WORLD CUP. Why does CL Matter here.
    4. Saying a whole country sucks dick is pretty dumb.
    5. We beat them 4-0 in a friendly most portugese don’t care anymore because of that game.

  12. @devilzmoney20 1-You said it was offside, I proved it to you it wasn’t, watch it again Villa AT NO POINT was offside.
    2-Then you wanted to compare trophies between Messi and Ronaldo, again no contest for Messi.
    3-Then you bring up who is best, Ronaldo has more league goals (in a vain effort) but Messi has more CL goals (Barca are in finals), is only 3 behind for total goals and has triple the assists. Its pretty obvious who is more valuable.
    4-Sorry I don’t suck dick, I’m not a Portuguese man XD

  13. @manniman82 Fuck that manager, he sucked the one we have now is better. And ronaldo does it to get a advantage not just for him but the team, if he falls cause he got tripped he tries to get his team a free kick and a advantage. N wow messi did it but ronaldo just started playing in real madrid , and he also has 38 goals and messi has 31. That kinda suxs to the proclaimed bets footballer in the world. In my eyes ronaldo is better, so just shut the fuck up about it and suck a dick. Thanx bye.

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