1. The Netherlands should have won, they are much better then Spain,

  2. @rubeninator100 jajajajajaja Spain is the best in the world now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. @bamhars
    Whats ur problem? I know they won and played good.
    Im not trying to be negative.

  4. @MauriceVerpoorte Coach from Holland has admitted that he is embarrased for a country like the Netherlands to play like a bunch of bitches in the final. And then be a fag about losing saying that they bought the ref..

    We won, you didn’t suck it.

  5. Coach from Spain has admitted that they can return 2 cups if they tell the truth.

  6. @horror123lul shut the fuck up you don’t know shit about futbol you fat american bitch

  7. Holland shouldve won, spains goal wuz outa bounds and the referee of the game is now sitting on his balcony in a big mansion in Spain if you ask me, damn u spaniards!

  8. @jorenbassant if you are dutch then congratulation you are big time retard to congratulate team that did not deserve to win !

  9. @billyshearsnot
    1). Oh boy, another USA guy despising other countries… Well, Mexico and whole South America has been prostituted by USA goverments and CIA for ages. The 2 Great Wars took place on European soil leaving destruction and povertry while in USA no single shot was fired (except Hawai). The spanish civil war was particulary destructive and the following dictators regime isoleted Spain from the world in many aspects.

  10. @billyshearsnot
    2). At least Spain is, as you said, catching up with the rest of the world, healing its own wounds. USA meanwhile tries to keep its decadent economic empire by declaring war with selfrecognised false arguments for petrol. The richest country in the world is full of ignorants and povertry. Education is expensive and social care basically doesnt exist. 11.000+ murders by fireguns per year, beeing 18 years old you can buy an AK47 assault rifle but need to be 21 to get a beer…

  11. @billyshearsnot
    3). I ve been 3 times in USA, spent a total of 5 months over there, trust me… most people over there dont have a better life condition than here. So stop your bullshit talk about north west Africa and take a look around because it sucks over there, unless you have money, of course. I speak spanish, english and german, and you? Maybe you should start learning chineese since China owns a lot of your national debt. Greetings from all “spanicos”… clown.

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