1. 4give me spain but i dont care if u won the worldcup but GERMANY IS THE BEST!! and for me the final should have been with ani team but with germany on it… :,(

  2. and your a fucking jackass commenting on a comment from 9 months ago =.=’
    go troll somewhere else moron

  3. @F0ck93 i thnk your a cry baby dutch fan who can’t accept that holland lost

  4. Dude i think it is so funny that people keep bashing soccer as being gay and boring. Bullshit is what I have to say about that. Have most of these people actually played the game? highly unlikely and even if they did they are more of babies than the actual men that do play this sport. Oh and by the way… 90 minutes of nonstop action vs 3 hours of commercials in American football. Lets see which is more exciting.

  5. @sasprawler stop making it sound like it comes from the fuckign jungle. its called Football, or Fußball if ur german. Fuckin A

  6. F0ck93 – fuck that!! Spain vs Germany would’ve been a lot better, especially for football. The semi final between the two teams match was clean and world class. Holland would’ve also played dirty against the Germans if they had reached the final.

  7. @BurnRoddy

    germany vs uruguay was the best match of the competition in my opinion. hope to meet you guys in the next world cup. was a pleasure watching u lads

  8. Germany and Holland are a great teams , no doubt about that . They win something important quickly .

  9. the one person who disliked this must be argentinian
    GERMANY FOR LIFE!!! <3!!!!

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