1. everybody plz watch my video nd comment its called the best world cup tribute thank u all

  2. @TheFabrizio100 I’m Swiss and I Support 2 teams : Switzerland and England.

    But this year, Germany was So Good they deserved the World Cup!
    Unfortunately, England played like shit 🙁 …

  3. I am Spanish and I have seen on television all the support we’ve received from around the world, it’s always nice to see your team win for the first time and it’s exciting to know that many people around the world have loved to win by Spain awesome game, thank you very much to all people of all countries for your support

  4. sadly england got knocked out if it werent for those stupid germans and linesman we would have won to them

  5. OLE OLE OLE OLE España España ….. OLE OLE OLE OLE España España!!!!………….. GO España!!!

  6. Holland for the win Netherlands-Spanisch ..-.. We will get that WorldCup Netherlands Champion 2010

  7. WTF..what’s wrong with the awesome team this year.. Argentina lost with germany / Spain lost with switerland and the SHOCKING ONE FOR ME IS BRAZIL LOST WITH NETHERLAND..???????

  8. When France or Italy have hard time, when, like this year (2010), they are eliminated right away, people abroad are concerned : they are surpised, sad, or happy
    (even very happy ; like most of the people in Switzerland).

    When Switzerland is eliminated, well… abroad… nobody gives a shit.

  9. @Rangjai77 i’m sorry bro…but the question is why you said that im betting…i’m a good guy..XD

  10. @lorofcb2 You are correct! One more reason why that guy in the video is wrong 🙂

  11. @luigicamp69 switzerland actually qualified for the knockout stage in 1994 and 2006 at the world cup

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