Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is mad that his star player Adam Lallana picked up an injury whilst in action for the Three Lions during a crucial moment for the club this season.

The German tactician says he is not pleased with the scheduling of the friendly against Germany – which England lost 1-0 courtesy of a Lucas Podolski strike.

Lallana was injured in the first half of the clash with Lithuania. However he played the entire game thinking it was just a dead leg. On reaching Anfield, the thigh injury has been checked out, with the professionals declaring him unfit for the next four weeks.

Liverpool are involved with Everton in a Merseyside derby this weekend, and they are in the race for the top four as the season winds down. So evidently Klopp is angry that he is a man down during this time in the campaign.

“It’s hard for us to lose a player like Adam for four weeks, which would be eight games – it’s a lot. Whoever though it was a good idea to play Manchester City and Liverpool on Sunday night and then Germany against England on Wednesday – it makes no sense.

“We all have to start to work much better together: the FA, the Premier League, television and the clubs because we’re trying to sell the best product,” Klopp said. Read More

Guardiola wants B team

Pep Guardiola has stated that the Premier League is affecting the development of English players and that they need to make changes if they want the England team to improve.
He believes that the Premier League clubs should be allowed to play their second team in the lower leagues of English football as this will encourage the development of new players. This is a concept that is already in place in various European leagues.

Pep Guardiola said that this is what is done in Spain and this encouraged the development of players. He said that in England you have the reserve league, but there are no spectators. He said that the young players do not play under any kind of pressure and this is hindering their development.

For him, this is the main reason why young English players fail when they come to a big club such as Manchester City, and he said that he wants this to change.

Pep Guardiola believes that the younger players would have benefited a lot from playing against a team such as Newcastle United in the Championship. The players would have played in a competitive game and would have learned how to play under pressure. Read More


The Football Association is reportedly putting final touches to a new deal that would be offered to Gareth Southgate, The Guardian reports.

The coach was the interim manager of the Three Lions for a few games until the deal ended. He courageously asked that the FA offer him a new deal, or at least decided his future on time so he could know what to focus on. Well, the FA obliged and a four-year deal is the result.

A five-man panel by the FA interviewed Southgate on Monday. The meeting was a favourable one going by the outcome after three gruelling hours. Southgate’s salary would be 1.5 million Pounds annually – a fee that was considerably smaller than what former manager Sam Alladryce earned. The deal would run through 2020 but there is a break clause after Russia 2018 World Cup. Either party can trigger the clause. Read More


Arsenal long time coach Arsene Wenger has backed the current interim manager of the Three Lions, Gareth Southgate to get the job on a permanent basis.

Wenger was tipped as the top choice to replace former manager Roy Hodgson after he resigned following a dismal Euro 2016 showing. However, Wenger opted to avoid being considered, deciding to rather focus on his club management career. Wenger says that Southgate has the required experience to manage the team despite not being a ‘big name.’

“Yes, he is. The difficulty in England is that there’s always the demand for big names,” said Wenger when asked if Southgate was a great choice for England. Southgate is standing in for four games following Sam Allardyce’s exit. He is widely expected to become the manager on a permanent basis if England defeat Scotland in the World Cup qualifier next month. The Three Lions will be hoping to give their 2018 World Cup dream a boost with a victory when they play Scotland at Wembley.

Wenger brushed off speculations that he would ever take up the job despite the concerns if Southgate can truly manage the team. Under Southgate, England played a lacklustre match against Slovenia and only managed to thrash Malta 2-0. The next two games would be key if Southgate is to get the job on a permanent basis.
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England needs to win fans

Sam Allardyce has stated that the England team should first win the fans back. He said that there is a deception in the England camp at the moment after the performance at the Euros 2016, and it is up to the players to ensure that they turn things around.

The new England manager said that it is perfectly normal for the fans to behave like this as the England team has deceived them. He said it is important that the players deliver a passionate performance and fight for the country. It is only at this moment that they will be able to reconnect with the fans and win back their support.

Sam Allardyce has stated that there is nothing wrong with the England fans and the problem lie with the England team. He said that the fans have always been supporting the team at every major tournament, and it is the players that have constantly been unable to deliver the goods. He said that he would do everything he can to change this situation and make sure that the team becomes great again.
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Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson favours the coaching job of the Three Lions to go to Sam Allardyce, according to reports.

The former tactician, who was busy at the Euro 2016, wants the role given to the Sunderland boss.

Allardyce is set to be interviewed by the Football Association (FA) representatives this week to see if he is suited for the role he was snubbed for back in 2006. Reports say the former Bolton Wanderers boss will have the opportunity of convincing the FA if he is the best person for the job ahead of the other five people that have also been linked to the role. The other top contender for the role is United States (US) men’s national team coach Jürgen Klinsmann. The German, some believe will be better at the role considering what he’s done with the US team. He is also likely to manage the numerous influences at the job better considering he is from the outer circle.

The FA will be hoping to complete the process in a couple of weeks after their initial plan failed. Reports say they had hoped that the manager of the Under 21 English team Gareth Southgate would manage the team in the interim, especially with the 2018 World Cup qualification on the line. They also hoped that current manager of Arsenal FC, Arsene Wenger would agree to coach the Three Lions when his contract with the club expires next year but both options have failed to materialize, forcing the panel picked out for the job to find a suitable candidate on time.
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